Fury’n’Grace – Diabolism Of Conversation

Settembre 2011

Crediti Studio by Danilo Di Lorenzo

>Mix - »Rock•Metal


Diabolism of Conversation was conceived, written, arranged and produced by Matted Carnio, Christian Grillo and Emiliano Kiske Wrathlord Bertossi collectively known as Fury’n’Grace.

Engineered by Davide Colombo @ DIANA Studios between May 14th and June 14th, 2010.

Mixed by Danilo Di Lorenzo @ MOONHOUSE Studios, October 2010.

Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti @ NEWMASTERING Studios, November 2010.

Artwork and layout by Arnaldo Di Carrara III. Pictures taken from private archives of the band.

Special thanks to: Deathmaster, Maurizio Chiarello, Davide Colombo, Maurizio Giannotti, Danilo Di Lorenzo, Stefano Petrelli, Stefano Fabretti, Silvia Sciacca, Vincenzo Grillo, Marco Tosi, Ingrid Ter Kuile, Moreno Antonetti, Moreno Balzano, Valentina Croci, BlackneVer, Omar Cappetti, JC Green, Demetris, Wenders, Angelo, Gianni Ferrari. Influence: The Residents’ Talking Light Tour, James Joyce, INLAND EMPIRE, Scott Walker, Peter Steele, Killing Joke, Roy Orbison, Amedeo Tommasi, Nurse With Wound’s A Sucked Orange, Snakefinger, Ian Anderson, John Cassavetes, The Ramones, Antonio Pizzuto, Current 93, King Crimson, Cathedral, Public Image Ltd, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Scorn, Suicide, Louis-Ferdinand Celine’s Guignol’s Band, Sheila Keith, Dinosaur Jr, XTC, Dino Campana, Fausto Rossi, Laibach’s Nova Akropola, Immanuel Kant, Il Teatro degli Orrori, Marissa Nadler, Mario Bava, Captain Beefheart, Charles Maturin’s Melmoth The Wanderer, Diamanda Galas, Michael Silverblatt’s Bookworm on KCRW, Opeth.

Matteo Carnio — Guitars, Vocals on Architecture and Gavotte for the Ghosts in the Oven
Christian Grillo — Bass, background vocals on The Serpent: A Mystery planned within Me by the Sea
Emiliano Kiske Wrathlord Bertossi – Drums, Organ, Screams & Growls
Deathmaster – Lead Vocals
Featuring guest perfomances by Ingrid Ter Kuile (voice of the Mother on Von der Vermahlung des Salamanders mit der grunen Schlange);
Stefano Fabretti (demented, raving moaning and screams on Gavotte for the Ghosts in the Oven and Architecture);
Vincenzo Grillo (prophetic narrator at the end of Gavotte for the Ghosts in the Oven);
Marco Tosi (laughter on In Midnight Gardens burns the Veil of Evening Fears);
Silvia Sciacca (opening high-pitch scream on Of Human Details);
Davide Colombo (WalrusScream© on Of Human Details; coughs, harsh noises and mad laughter all over the place).

Music and Lyrics by Fury’n’Grace

Get in touch with the band: furyngrace@gmail.com

Diabolism of Conversation is dedicated to Stefano Petrelli, Raul Ruiz, Ken Owen and Peter Steele.