Clairvoyants – Word To The Wise

Gennaio 2009

Crediti Studio by Danilo Di Lorenzo

>Mix - »Rock•Metal

– CREDITI UFFICIALI -Gabriele Bernasconi – Vocals
Luca Princiotta – Guitar
Marco Demartini – Guitar
Paolo Turcatti – Bass
Manuel Pisano – DrumsRecorded at Alpha Omega Studio, Blevio (CO) – Italy
and Nativity Studios, Chiasso – Switzerland

Mixed by Danilo “Stone” Di Lorenzo at MoonHouse Studio, Milano – Italy

Mastered by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Arts studios, Milano – Italy

Produced by Luca Princiotta and Niki Lou Rosh

All songs arranged by Claivoyants

Keyboards on “Closure” recorded by Oliver Palotai, with courtesy of Napalm Records

Vocals on “Hallowed be thy name” by Andre Matos

All songs published by Valery Records S.r.L. except “Hallowed be thy name” published by Zomba Music Publisher LTD.

Artwork and booklet design by Davide Nadalin –
All photos by Stefano Bon